Apple Inn and Suites is located about 5 minutes from the Cooperstown Dreams Park and offers amenities not commonly found at other hotels.

Each room contains a Kitchenette and all guests have access to the outdoor pool and leisure area where BBQ grills are set up for use with plenty of seating that overlooks scenic views. There is an onsite laundry facility for use by guests only.

All Rooms Include:
Wifi, Hair Dryer, Flat Screen TV with Cable, 3 in 1 Oven, Fridge, Sink, Dishes, Air Conditioning and Heat, BBQ Grills, Leisure area. Iron and Ironing Board available.

We supply all bed Linens, soap,Hair Dryers, Towels, and Iron boards.

We offer a hotel experience like none other and we know you will enjoy your stay here while visiting the wonderful attractions of the Cooperstown area.